Workshops in Italy

Wet Plate Collodion Tintype Workshop 2018

Join David Emitt Adams, internationally known photographer and master tintype instructor for an 8-day workshop in the rural hills of Tuscany. Participants will learn the in-camera wet plate collodion process using metal as the substrate. You’re free to create unique images in the tradition of portraiture, still life, or landscape in whatever manner you choose. Included […]

Platinum Workshop 2018

Join scott b. davis in June 2018 for an unforgettable photography workshop in the hills of northern Italy. This 8-day journey brings together the experience of a master platinum printer to learn this time-honored practice dating to the 1870s. Working in a beautiful villa amid the rich landscape of Tuscany, we dive deep into the […]

Leaning Into the Light 2017

In this workshop we push the limits of how we routinely create an image by setting aside the analytical mind and approaching imagery using our intuition. We are guided towards a new way of seeing using only the iPhone and/or iPad, We will focus on four apps to combine layers of information using Snapseed, Leonardo, […]

Spirit Into Matter – 2017

This workshop invites you to open your creative side to explore a variety of approaches to photographic art making. It is an opportunity to bring your spirit and your voice into what matters – to develop and refine your personal vision through digital photography shooting exercises while learning new techniques and getting critical feedback in […]

Faces & Places in Tuscany, Italy 2017

Project Basho is delighted to offer this unique one-week workshop entitled Faces & Places in Tuscany, taught by Greg Miller, in the heart of Italy. The workshop takes photographers to the hilly countryside of Tuscany – where we will stay in the tiny village of Benabbio, a town of about 300 people, and live, eat, […]