Washington Prenuptial Agreement

Custody decisions are permitted, but custody and custody cannot be set in a marital agreement. The court decides that custody is calculated on the basis of the best interests of the child and assistance according to state guidelines. At the same time, a marital agreement can be useful in many ways. As described above, you may simply want to document with which each of you entered into marriage to facilitate any calculation of divorce real estate. Or you want to change the rules a little bit about what your marriage should be and a possible divorce. A marriage contract or pre-marital agreement, sometimes called a prenup, is an agreement made before their marriage. Marital agreements are not 100% reliable to protect income or property ownership in Washington State. The courts in Washington have developed a number of cases to ensure that marital agreements are fair. Where certain procedures are not followed when a notice agreement is signed and the application of the agreement results in an unjustified distribution of income and/or property between spouses, the court may refuse to enforce the terms of the marriage agreement. People who call my office often ask me if they should have a marriage agreement.

The following information will give you some basics about what is included in a marriage agreement. If you get married, you may need to change your insurance policies, your will, your financial accounts, benefits (such as social security) or any other agreement you have in relation to your living situation. Or finances. Here, too, a good preliminary contract on the State of Washington will take these factors into account and integrate them. It will also list all the real estate that each of you owns and who will own it once you are married. It will also indicate what is generated with the gain or income by your pre-wedding assets and investments. The agreement usually contains a provision on how debts are repaid. He can also talk about child support or assistance in the event of a divorce. In addition, a provision will contain what will happen to the marital or common property you accumulate during the marriage. This is an agreement in which you and your fiancé can explain what happens with your assets and debts and your common (marital) assets and debts if your marriage ends, either in divorce or death. It is a contract that cannot be coerced to your future spouse or that can be signed under duress.