What Happens is This

What happens when we, through the process of art making and communal living, see each other close up and personal without armor – the messy hair, the pajama wearing, the teary eyed – imperfect intersections where we get to see humanity through each others’ lives.

What happens when you go outside of your routines to enlarge your circle of comfort? The bed a little creaky, the temperature too hot or cold, and where the art can take you into deep wells. In this place, the circle of comfort expands and grows – like those bubbles that we used to blow when we were kids. Imagining the bubble never popping but expanding, contracting – and we learn how to be in it. When it contracts, we know that it may be time to seek out comfort – take a long bath, eat a peach, move away from the thing that is challenging you or perhaps sink into it deeper.

What happens when we take time and space to marvel at the creative forces at work around the universe.

It teaches us what it is to be human – vulnerable, beautifully flawed creatures – enlarging our world, our lives, our community.